Aimee in Wanderland

a little bit about me and my blog…

I’m 20-something and live in a small village in Yorkshire, England. I love naps, have very little patience (especially whilst driving, walking behind slow people and with the male species in general), I also love chocolate, people who bring me chocolate and I swear more than I probably should. Oh and motorbikes. I love motorbikes. They’re one of my favourite hobbies. Ever. I also really enjoy writing, so I kinda use travelling as the perfect excuse to write. But I tend to ramble on, some of the words making sense, others I’m not too sure where they come from #sorrynotsorry.

I love being creative and putting my own stamp on things but some days I just sit in my pyjamas watching Netflix and eating pizza…what?! People keep comparing me to that grumpy cat. Not 100% sure why. Apparently I look miserable all the time?

I’m an Accountant-cross-Restaurant Manager with a little sprinkle of Wedding Planner. Strange recipe I know. I’d say it makes someone who has “no fucking clue what she wants to do” but I doubt any recipe books would publish that.

What do you do when you’re not sure what career you want?! Nowadays you’re expected to have been to university, using your degree in a 9 to 5 job you despise, earning money to buy a house so you don’t become a 40 year old living with your parents…(see, I’m rambling already and it’s only page one #goodluck).

Thankfully I’ve been lucky enough to try all the different jobs though and the only one I’ve ruled out is Accounts. Who wants to sit behind a boring desk with boring people looking at boring numbers?! Yeah no thanks. Been there, done that and thrown away the t-shirt.

I’m not an experienced traveller by any means. I’ve got some great stories but also some pretty average ones too. I get lost following my sat nav (erm all part of the fun…) and I genuinely ate pad Thai every day for 3 weeks because I couldn’t bring myself to try anything else.

I’m going to be completely honest on dis blog (yawn) but I think that’s something I needed when I was a little lost. Although I wouldn’t ever change what I did, I do think it’s nice to read something, be able to grow a pair of lady balls (because ours are bigger than mens) and then take on the world with a little inspo.

…This blog is about my life, what made me quit said shitty life and find a love for travelling, my misadventures and my outcome of doing all of the above…I may have also met the love of my life in the process, but we’ll get to that bit…

I’m also intrigued to know if I’m the only little fish swimming in this huge sea of “what the fuck” or if there are many others struggling with getting out of bed for anything but chocolate or Gin. Hit me up. Maybe we can eat chocolate and contemplate life…whilst having a few Gins.

Pull up a chair and get yourself a brew (umm, I’m from Yorkshire, tea is life).